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About the Minute Meditations for Peace 30 Day Challenge

Do you wish you could do something to help our world?

Dedicate one minute of your day to peace. Let us send you daily one-minute meditations for 30 days starting on September 21st, International Peace Day. We believe that by raising our awareness together, we can collectively make the world a more peaceful place. Sign up Free

What you do for yourself, you do for the world.

Listen to a Minute Meditation: “Respect”

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Why Am I Doing This?

Q: I want a million people getting these messages daily because at that point we are really helping to make the world a more peaceful and tolerant place. How do we reach a million people?

A: You get there one person at a time. Remember that one person reading this message has an impact on mankind. Each one is a spiritual being; each one radiates light in their part of the world; each one contributes to the energetic vibration of man.

The more people that take these messages to heart, actually into their hearts, the bigger impact we can have on man. With enough people expressing the qualities of acceptance, non-judgment, and forgiveness, we begin to shift consciousness to a higher place, a more peaceful place. When people choose peace, they manifest it in their experience.

Choose peace.

Q: What about the extremists killing people in the Middle East? How do I choose peace with that situation?

A: You choose peace for your heart. You only have power over your own thoughts and actions. With enough people choosing peace, with each one raising their own vibration, you will reach a critical mass that has the power to lift man to a more peaceful place. The vibration will be high enough for man as a species to be able to make peaceful choices.

This doesn’t mean that everybody thinks the same; it means that at least peace and coexistence is a possibility. With that mentality, there will be limitless possibilities of reconciliation and coexistence in your world.

Perhaps then the conquering mentality will be eradicated. You know this mentality does not just live in the Middle East: it lives in the gang wars of your American cities; it lives in the boardrooms of the world corporations; it lives in the daily politics of any country; it lives in the playgrounds of your schools.

You must desire peace.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Connie Kean and Christ Jesus on September 8, 2014. Jesus is presenting himself to Connie as an Ascended Master, not a religious figure. These writings are his teachings to her with no attachment to any particular religion. Read more of these writings at


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